BlackAnt CL-MD-12 Chameleon Diamond Magic Matte Grey Blue Vinyl

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Series: 3000


Color: Chameleon Diamond Magic Matte Grey Blue 

Model number: CL-MD-12

Characteristic: Super stretch, incredible restorable

Performance level: Premium+

Film produce technology: High polymeric with double casting

Film thickness: 160micron, 6.4mil (with glue)

PET Release paper: 100g/m2, silicone coated

Adhesive thickness: 30μm

Air bubble free: Yes

Application: Car wrap

Application temperature: From +80°С to +120°С

Temperature resistance: From -40°С to +120°С

Storing period: 2 years if stored in +10°С to +25°С, relative humidity 50%, in original package, away from direct sunlight, clean and dry place

Package: Full roll width 1.52m, length 17m, weight 13KG

Packing size: 1.55x0.18x0.18m

Remark: the full roll 1.52x17M/5x56FT usually is enough for wrap a full sedan or SUV. If your car is larger, please choose 1.52x23M/5x75FT, we will send 1.52x6M/5x19FT + 1.52x17M/5x56FT.

Quality warranty: 2 Years, during the quality warranty period, the film surface has no obvious fading, no cracking, and no residual glue on the car paint after removable.

Data Sheet
Surface Opaque
High Polymeric PVC
sensitive adhesive
Solvent-based Removable
Releaser liner 100G PET
High density air channels
at break
Tear strength  37.2 N/10mm
Test Method: ASTM D3759
Glossiness Gloss 95-110Gu
Matte 5-30Gu
Viscosity Initial tack:700-800g/25mm
After 24 hours:1800-2000g/25mm
After 3 months: 1500g/25mm
Peel strength 2.5N/25mm
Test Method: ASTM D3330
Temperature resistance  -40°С to +120°С
ultraviolet test 
Gray Level: 4-5
Test Method: ASTM D4329-13A


Caution: The product images, colors on the screen are approximate. For the real representation of the product color, please check the color swatch

Chameleon Diamond Magic Matte Grey Blue  Vinyl Car Wrapping

Chameleon Diamond Magic Matte Grey Blue Vinyl Car Wrapping is an innovative and visually captivating vehicle customization method that combines the mesmerizing appeal of chameleon colors with the elegant contrast of matte grey and blue hues. This cutting-edge technique involves applying a specialized vinyl film with a chameleon effect, transitioning between matte grey and blue colors, to the exterior of the car. The result is an extraordinary and dynamic appearance that sets the vehicle apart with its exceptional color-shifting charm and captivating allure.

  1. Chameleon Color-Shifting Magic: The Chameleon Diamond Magic Matte Grey Blue vinyl car wrap is designed to mesmerize with its chameleon color-shifting magic. As the car moves and light bounces off the surface, the matte grey and blue shades blend and transition gracefully, creating an ever-changing play of colors that dazzles the eyes of onlookers. The chameleon effect adds an ethereal and enchanting quality to the vehicle, making it stand out with its exceptional color variation.

  2. The Elegance of Matte Grey and Blue: The addition of the contrasting matte grey and blue colors enhances the car's allure and charm. Matte grey exudes a sense of sophistication, neutrality, and modernity, while blue symbolizes tranquility, depth, and serenity. The dynamic interplay between these two elegant hues creates a refined and captivating appearance that elevates the vehicle's aesthetics.

  3. Matte Finish for a Subtle Charm: The use of a matte finish further enhances the visual impact of Chameleon Diamond Magic Matte Grey Blue vinyl car wrapping. Unlike glossy finishes, matte provides a subtle charm and sophistication, reducing glare and offering a unique texture that complements the color-shifting magic. The matte surface also adds a touch of elegance and modernity to the vehicle's appearance.

  4. Endless Customization Possibilities: Chameleon Diamond Magic Matte Grey Blue vinyl wrapping offers car owners endless possibilities for customization. This unique combination of a chameleon effect and the elegant matte grey and blue colors allows for creativity and personal expression. Car enthusiasts can create a bespoke appearance that perfectly represents their style and vision, making their vehicle a true reflection of their personality and taste.

  5. Protecting the Original Paint: Beyond its stunning appearance, Chameleon Diamond Magic Matte Grey Blue vinyl car wrapping also acts as a protective layer for the vehicle's original paintwork. The durable vinyl film shields the car from common environmental elements, including UV rays, road debris, minor scratches, and contaminants. This protective layer preserves the car's factory paint, maintaining its pristine condition and value over time.

  6. Professional Installation and Reversibility: Given the complexity of Chameleon Diamond Magic Matte Grey Blue vinyl car wrapping, professional installation is essential to ensure a flawless and seamless color transition. Trained technicians have the expertise and tools required to apply the vinyl wrap correctly, minimizing the risk of damaging the vehicle during the process. Furthermore, should the car owner wish to return to the original paint or change the vehicle's appearance in the future, the vinyl wrap can be removed without causing damage to the underlying paint.

In conclusion, Chameleon Diamond Magic Matte Grey Blue Vinyl Car Wrapping offers an extraordinary and visually captivating transformation to vehicles. The mesmerizing chameleon effect, transitioning between matte grey and blue colors, delivers an enchanting and ever-changing appearance that exudes charm and allure. With its unparalleled customization options, protective benefits, and captivating color-shifting magic, this car wrapping has become a favored choice among car enthusiasts looking to elevate the aesthetics and individuality of their vehicles with a touch of mesmerizing shine and the elegant contrast of matte grey and blue hues.