BlackAnt CL-EG-01 Electro Metallic Gloss Black Gold Vinyl

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Series: 3000


Color: Electro Metallic Gloss Black Gold

Model number: CL-EG-01

Characteristic: Super stretch, incredible restorable

Performance level: Premium+

Film produce technology: High polymeric with double casting

Film thickness: 160micron, 6.4mil (with glue)

Release paper: 160g/m2, silicone coated

Adhesive thickness: 30μm

Air bubble free: Yes

Application: Car wrap

Application temperature: From +80°С to +120°С

Temperature resistance: From -40°С to +120°С

Storing period: 2 years if stored in +10°С to +25°С, relative humidity 50%, in original package, away from direct sunlight, clean and dry place

Package: Full roll width 1.52m, length 17m, weight 13KG

Packing size: 1.55x0.18x0.18m

Remark: the full roll 1.52x17M/5x56FT usually is enough for wrap a full sedan or SUV. If your car is larger, please choose 1.52x23M/5x75FT, we will send 1.52x6M/5x19FT + 1.52x17M/5x56FT.

Quality warranty: 2 Years, during the quality warranty period, the film surface has no obvious fading, no cracking, and no residual glue on the car paint after removable.

Data Sheet
Surface Opaque
High Polymeric PVC
sensitive adhesive
Solvent-based Removable
Releaser liner 160G double PE coating
High density air channels
at break
Tear strength  37.2 N/10mm
Test Method: ASTM D3759
Glossiness Gloss 95-110Gu
Matte 5-30Gu
Viscosity Initial tack:700-800g/25mm
After 24 hours:1800-2000g/25mm
After 3 months: 1500g/25mm
Peel strength 2.5N/25mm
Test Method: ASTM D3330
Temperature resistance  -40°С to +120°С
ultraviolet test 
Gray Level: 4-5
Test Method: ASTM D4329-13A

Caution: The product images, colors on the screen are approximate. For the real representation of the product color, please check the color swatch.

Electro Metallic Gloss Black Gold Vinyl Car Wrapping

Electro Metallic Gloss Black Gold Vinyl Car Wrapping is a unique type of adhesive material specifically designed to modify and enhance the visual aesthetics of vehicles. Not only does it provide a distinctive visual appeal, but it also serves as a protective layer against the harsh environmental elements.

Understanding Vinyl Car Wraps

To provide clarity on what Electro Metallic Gloss Black Gold Vinyl Car Wrapping is, let's first understand what a vinyl car wrap is. A vinyl car wrap is basically a large decal or sticker, which is applied directly to the car's body. This versatile material allows vehicle owners to alter the car's appearance dramatically without committing to an expensive and irreversible new paint job.

Electro Metallic Gloss Black Gold Vinyl Car Wrapping

The Electro Metallic Gloss Black Gold Vinyl Car Wrapping is a unique type of vinyl wrap that merges several visual effects:

  1. Electro Metallic: This refers to the wrap's visual impact. The term "electro" indicates a vibrant, electric-like finish, that reflects light in a unique and striking way. The term "metallic" signifies that the wrap has a reflective quality, similar to metal, contributing to its visually striking appeal.

  2. Gloss Black Gold: This describes the color and the finish of the wrap. "Gloss black gold" suggests a deep, rich black color infused with golden highlights, providing a luxurious feel. The gloss finish ensures a shiny, highly reflective surface, which adds to the vehicle's standout appearance.

Application of Vinyl Car Wraps

Applying vinyl car wraps, including the Electro Metallic Gloss Black Gold Vinyl Car Wrapping, requires precision and expertise, and is typically done by professionals in the field.

The process begins with thorough cleaning of the vehicle surface, to ensure that no dirt or dust particles interfere with the adhesion of the wrap. The wrap is then carefully applied, ensuring that no bubbles or wrinkles form during the process. To make the wrap more flexible and to ensure it adheres tightly to the surface, a heat gun is often used. Finally, the edges of the wrap are trimmed and tucked in to give a seamless, paint-like finish.

Benefits of Vinyl Car Wraps

Vinyl car wraps, including the Electro Metallic Gloss Black Gold Vinyl Car Wrapping, offer several benefits:

  1. Customization: They allow vehicle owners to dramatically alter the appearance of their vehicles, creating a unique and personal look.

  2. Protection: They provide a protective layer to the vehicle, safeguarding the original paintwork from minor scratches, UV damage, and other environmental factors.

  3. Cost-Effective: Compared to a high-quality paint job, vinyl car wraps can be a more affordable option to change a vehicle's color and finish.

  4. Resale Value: Since the wrap can be removed without causing any damage to the original paint, it can help maintain or even increase the vehicle's resale value.


In conclusion, Electro Metallic Gloss Black Gold Vinyl Car Wrapping is a high-end vinyl wrap product that offers vehicle owners the chance to give their vehicle a unique and premium appearance. With its vibrant metallic effects and glossy black-gold finish, it provides an unrivaled aesthetic appeal, along with various practical benefits, including protection, cost-effectiveness, and value retention.