BlackAnt CL-ES-27 Electro Metallic Satin Lake Blue Vinyl

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Series: 3000


Color: Electro Metallic Satin Lake Blue

Model number: CL-ES-27

Characteristic: Super stretch, incredible restorable

Performance level: Premium+

Film produce technology: High polymeric with double casting

Film thickness: 160micron, 6.4mil (with glue)

Release paper: 160g/m2, silicone coated

Adhesive thickness: 30μm

Air bubble free: Yes

Application: Car wrap

Application temperature: From +80°С to +120°С

Temperature resistance: From -40°С to +120°С

Storing period: 2 years if stored in +10°С to +25°С, relative humidity 50%, in original package, away from direct sunlight, clean and dry place

Package: Full roll width 1.52m, length 17m, weight 13KG

Packing size: 1.55x0.18x0.18m

Remark: the full roll 1.52x17M/5x56FT usually is enough for wrap a full sedan or SUV. If your car is larger, please choose 1.52x23M/5x75FT, we will send 1.52x6M/5x19FT + 1.52x17M/5x56FT.

Quality warranty: 2 Years, during the quality warranty period, the film surface has no obvious fading, no cracking, and no residual glue on the car paint after removable.

Data Sheet
Surface Opaque
High Polymeric PVC
sensitive adhesive
Solvent-based Removable
Releaser liner 160G double PE coating
High density air channels
at break
Tear strength  37.2 N/10mm
Test Method: ASTM D3759
Glossiness Gloss 95-110Gu
Matte 5-30Gu
Viscosity Initial tack:700-800g/25mm
After 24 hours:1800-2000g/25mm
After 3 months: 1500g/25mm
Peel strength 2.5N/25mm
Test Method: ASTM D3330
Temperature resistance  -40°С to +120°С
ultraviolet test 
Gray Level: 4-5
Test Method: ASTM D4329-13A

Caution: The product images, colors on the screen are approximate. For the real representation of the product color, please check the color swatch

Electro Metallic Satin Lake Blue Vinyl Wrap

Electro Metallic Satin Black Vinyl Wrap is a type of vinyl wrap, a decorative and protective adhesive material, that is often used to alter the appearance of different surfaces, most commonly vehicles. Its unique finish and color give a striking, high-end aesthetic while providing a protective layer against various elements.

Understanding Vinyl Wraps

To comprehend what Electro Metallic Satin Black Vinyl Wrap is, it's crucial first to understand what a vinyl wrap is. A vinyl wrap is, in essence, a large, adhesive decal applied to a surface. In the context of automobiles, it's used to change the color or finish of a vehicle, a more affordable and reversible alternative to a full paint job.

Electro Metallic Satin Lake Blue Vinyl Wrap

Electro Metallic Satin Lake Blue Vinyl Wrap is a premium vinyl film that offers a stunning lake blue color with a metallic satin finish. This type of wrap is designed to enhance the appearance of various surfaces, including vehicles, boats, furniture, electronics, and more. In this comprehensive explanation, we will explore the features, benefits, application methods, and maintenance guidelines associated with Electro Metallic Satin Lake Blue Vinyl Wrap.

I. Features of Electro Metallic Satin Lake Blue Vinyl Wrap

1. Color and Finish
- Lake Blue Shade: The vinyl wrap showcases a captivating lake blue color that resembles the tranquil beauty of pristine lakes and serene waters.
- Metallic Satin Finish: The inclusion of metallic elements in the film creates a lustrous satin finish that adds depth and sophistication to the wrapped surface.

2. Durability
- High-Quality Material: Electro Metallic Satin Lake Blue Vinyl Wrap is crafted using top-grade materials, ensuring durability and resistance to wear and tear.
- Weather Resistance: The vinyl wrap is designed to withstand various weather conditions, including UV rays, rain, and snow, without fading or deteriorating.
- Scratch and Scuff Resistance: The protective layer on the vinyl helps guard against minor scratches and scuffs, maintaining the fresh and flawless appearance of the wrap.

3. Air Release Technology
- Bubble-Free Application: The vinyl wrap features air release channels that allow trapped air to escape during installation, minimizing the formation of bubbles or wrinkles for a smooth and professional finish.

II. Benefits of Electro Metallic Satin Lake Blue Vinyl Wrap

1. Aesthetic Enhancement
- Vehicle Customization: Applying this vinyl wrap to vehicles or boats instantly transforms their appearance, giving them a unique and eye-catching look.
- Interior Design: Electro Metallic Satin Lake Blue Vinyl Wrap can be used to elevate the aesthetics of furniture, electronics, and other objects, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication.

2. Cost-Effective Alternative
- Paint Replacement: Electro Metallic Satin Lake Blue Vinyl Wrap offers a cost-effective alternative to repainting, saving both time and money compared to traditional paint jobs.
- Temporary Change: Unlike permanent paint, vinyl wraps can be easily removed, allowing for temporary changes or rebranding options without the need for expensive paint removal.

3. Surface Protection
- Protection against Minor Damages: The vinyl wrap acts as a protective layer, shielding the underlying surface from minor scratches, stone chips, and other minor damages.
- Paint Preservation: By covering the original paintwork, the vinyl helps preserve the resale value of vehicles or objects, as the paint remains untouched and protected.

III. Application Methods

1. Professional Installation
- Certified Installers: For optimal results, it is recommended to have skilled and experienced professionals install Electro Metallic Satin Lake Blue Vinyl Wrap.
- Complex Surfaces: Professional installers are equipped to handle curved, contoured, and intricate surfaces, ensuring a seamless and professional appearance.

2. DIY Installation
- Precise Preparation: Accurate measurement and thorough surface cleaning are essential for a successful DIY installation.
- Application Tools: DIY enthusiasts should utilize appropriate tools such as squeegees, heat guns, and sharp blades to ensure proper adhesion and a smooth installation.

IV. Maintenance Guidelines

1. Gentle Cleaning
- Mild Cleaning Solutions: Use mild soap or specific vinyl cleaning solutions to clean the surface, avoiding harsh chemicals that can damage the wrap's finish.
- Soft Cloth or Sponge: Gently wash the vinyl wrap with a soft cloth or sponge, removing dirt and grime without scratching the surface.

2. Avoid Harsh Chemicals and Abrasive Materials
- Harsh Chemicals: Avoid using strong solvents, abrasive cleaners, or petroleum-based products that may cause discoloration or damage to the vinyl wrap.
- Abrasive Materials: Do not use rough brushes or scouring pads that can potentially scratch the surface of the wrap.

3. Proper Maintenance for Vehicles and Boats
- Hand Washing: Hand wash the wrapped surface using a bucket of water and a gentle cleaning solution, avoiding high-pressure water sprays and harsh brushes.
- Regular Inspection: Periodically inspect the wrap for any signs of damage or lifting and address any issues promptly to maintain its appearance and performance.

Electro Metallic Satin Lake Blue Vinyl Wrap offers a breathtaking lake blue color with a metallic satin finish, enhancing the aesthetics of various surfaces. With its durability, cost-effective nature, and protective properties, this vinyl wrap is an excellent choice