BlackAnt CL-0P-14P Original Paint Color Shift Green Purple Vinyl PET Liner

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Series: 3000P


Color: Original Paint Color Shift Green Purple PET

Model number: CL-OP-14P

Characteristic: Super stretch, incredible restorable

Performance level: Premium+

Film produce technology: High polymeric with double casting

Film thickness: 160micron, 6.4mil (with glue)

Release paper: 100G PET

Adhesive thickness: 30μm

Air bubble free: Yes

Application: Car wrap

Application temperature: From +80°С to +120°С

Temperature resistance: From -40°С to +120°С

Storing period: 2 years if stored in +10°С to +25°С, relative humidity 50%, in original package, away from direct sunlight, clean and dry place

Package: Full roll width 1.52m, length 17m, weight 13KG

Packing size: 1.55x0.18x0.18m

Remark: the full roll 1.52x17M/5x56FT usually is enough for wrap a full sedan or SUV. If your car is larger, please choose 1.52x23M/5x75FT, we will send 1.52x6M/5x19FT + 1.52x17M/5x56FT.

Quality warranty: 2 Years, during the quality warranty period, the film surface has no obvious fading, no cracking, and no residual glue on the car paint after removable.

Data Sheet
Surface Opaque
High Polymeric PVC
sensitive adhesive
Solvent-based Removable
Releaser liner 100G PET
High density air channels
at break
Tear strength  37.2 N/10mm
Test Method: ASTM D3759
Glossiness Gloss 95-110Gu
Matte 5-30Gu
Viscosity Initial tack:700-800g/25mm
After 24 hours:1800-2000g/25mm
After 3 months: 1500g/25mm
Peel strength 2.5N/25mm
Test Method: ASTM D3330
Temperature resistance  -40°С to +120°С
ultraviolet test 
Gray Level: 4-5
Test Method: ASTM D4329-13A


Caution: The product images, colors on the screen are approximate. For the real representation of the product color, please check the color swatch

Original Paint Color Shift Green Purple PET Liner Vinyl Car Wrapping

  1. Original Paint: “Original paint” refers to the factory-applied paint job that comes with a car. This paint is specifically chosen and applied by the manufacturer to meet high standards of color accuracy, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Preserving the original paint of a vehicle is important for maintaining its authenticity, value, and overall appearance.

  2. Color Shift: Color shift is a unique effect that occurs when the appearance of a color changes depending on the viewing angle and lighting conditions. In the context of car wrapping, color shift vinyl wraps offer a captivating visual effect by incorporating multiple colors that transition and transform depending on the perspective. This effect creates a mesmerizing and eye-catching appearance.

  3. Green Purple: Green and purple are two distinct and contrasting colors. Green represents nature, freshness, and vitality, while purple symbolizes luxury, creativity, and individuality. The combination of green and purple in a color shift vinyl wrap creates a dynamic and vibrant effect, allowing the vehicle to stand out and make a bold statement on the road.

  4. PET Liner Vinyl: PET, which stands for polyethylene terephthalate, is a durable and versatile plastic material commonly used in various applications. PET liner vinyl is a specific type of adhesive vinyl film that utilizes a PET backing for added stability and flexibility during the installation process. This type of vinyl wrap offers a high-quality finish and ease of use, making it suitable for car wrapping projects.

  5. Car Wrapping: Car wrapping is the process of applying a vinyl film to the exterior surfaces of a vehicle. It is a popular technique used for customizing the appearance of cars, providing protection, and achieving unique visual effects. Car wrapping using color shift vinyl allows enthusiasts to transform the look of their vehicles and create a stunning and personalized design.

Advantages of Color Shift Vinyl Car Wrapping:

a. Unique Visual Effect: Color shift vinyl wraps offer a distinctive and attention-grabbing effect that sets the vehicle apart from others on the road. The dynamic color transition and transformation depending on the viewing angle and lighting conditions create an engaging and captivating visual experience.

b. Customization: Color shift vinyl wraps provide a wide range of design possibilities, allowing car owners to personalize the appearance of their vehicles. The green-purple color combination offers a bold and unique aesthetic that reflects the owner’s individuality and style.

c. Protection: Vinyl wraps act as a protective layer, shielding the original paint from minor scratches, road debris, and UV rays. Applying a color shift vinyl wrap over the original paint helps preserve its quality and overall condition.

d. Reversibility: One of the advantages of vinyl car wrapping is that it can be removed without damaging the original paint. This allows for easy reversibility if the owner decides to change the design or revert to the original appearance of the vehicle.

e. Non-Invasive: Car wrapping using color shift vinyl is a non-invasive process that does not require sanding, priming, or extensive preparation like traditional paint jobs. This means that the original paint remains untouched, reducing the risk of damage or cosmetic flaws.

In summary, original paint color shift green purple PET liner vinyl car wrapping involves using a specialized PET liner vinyl film with a color shift effect to customize the appearance of a vehicle. This technique offers advantages such as a unique visual effect, customization options, protection for the original paint, reversibility, and a non-invasive process. It is an appealing choice for car enthusiasts who wish to enhance the look of their vehicles and make a bold statement on the road.